Who We Are

The West Rehoboth Community Land Trust (WRCLT) was created in 2004 to assist residents of the West Rehoboth neighborhood to maintain their ability to reside in an area of rapid expansion and rising real property values. This effort began with residents requesting assistance from the Delaware Housing Coalition to identify ways and means to preserve their historic community. With guidance from the Delaware Housing Coalition and a local law firm, the WRCLT was incorporated in 2005. Board structure is tripartite, to include one third neighborhood residents, one third land trust housing residents, and one third representatives from the wider Rehoboth Beach community.

This strategic plan represents the board’s initial concept and guide for action. Its objective is the creation of a viable community land trust capable of acquiring and maintaining land occupied by modest and affordable housing for both long-time residents at risk of losing their homes and for lower income workers able to contribute to the West Rehoboth neighborhood as well as to the local economy.